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Non-Med Show Goat

Evolution Non-Med Show Goat is a pelleted complete feed designed for everyone on the farm. From creep to finish, Evolution will help you achieve the full potential of all animals. Formulated and designed with every breeder in mind, this feed contains a perfect balance of forage, vitamins and minerals to achieve the proper nutrition and ensure the look and bloom for all your show stock. Contains Amaferm® to increase digestibility and maximize the energy value of feed and also Docs Probiotics to aid in gut health and overall immunity. 

SKU for Prime Non-Med: 53502

SKU for Revolt Non-Med: 53511

Bag Size: Available in a 50lb bag (40 to a pallet).

Click here to view the Guaranteed Analysis for Prime Non-Med

Click here to view the Guaranteed Analysis for Revolt Non-Med

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