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Level Up In The Show Ring 

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Quality, Integrity, and Service is what we stand for at Belstra Milling. In 2022, Belstra wanted to bring those same standards to show rings across the world. That's where Evolution Show Feeds comes in.


In 2022, Belstra's founded Evolution Show Feeds, a trusted and top of the line show feed that is currently available for goats and lambs, with more on the way. We partner with industry leading nutritionists to formulate complete feeds and supplements that will not only keep your livestock healthy but maximize their potential, and bring them to the next level in and out of the show arena.


Our Feed Lineup

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Head over and learn more about the different products that we offer!

Our Principals

"Belstra is committed to producing the highest quality and most nutritious feed available. Our relationships with suppliers and local farmers ensures that we have access to the freshest local grains, wheat middlings, corn and soybeans. Working closely with industry leading nutritionists has allowed us to develop thousands of healthy, nutritionally balanced, recipes. Additionally, as a proud certified Safe Feed/Safe Food facility, our manufacturing, quality assurance processes and standards exceed the current industry regulations. This is our promise that we are providing safe and quality feed to you."


As a Safe Feed/Safe Food certified company we adhere to the following steps:

  • Supplier Verification

  • Ingredient Sampling and Testing 

  • Monitoring and implemented critical control points throughout the entire manufacturing process

  • Pellet Durability Testing


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